Your Safety on Litphonix


Your safety while on Litphonix is very important to us. Having said that, we need your help to ensure Litphonix is a safe and fun place for everybody.

Please be smart about what you share on Litphonix. We strongly encourage you never to share personal information such as your email address, phone number, address or other personally identifiable information. Please make use of our reporting features and contact us if you're ever harassed or made to feel uncomfortable by another user. Above all, do not respond to comments that are inappropriate or abusive. We ask that you report and move on.

Our Part

In reviewing reports of abusive content, we remove anything that violates the Litphonix Terms of Use. We also blacklist anyone who violates the Terms of Use or makes Litphonix an uncomfortable place for any community member. All reports are confidential.

Your Part

It is important to keep a few key safety precautions in mind while interacting with others on Litphonix. We strongly encourage you not to share any personal information with anybody over Litphonix. If you do choose to share any personal information, always ensure the individual you're sharing with is in fact who they say they are. Do not share information you are uncomfortable sharing. If you're concerned or suspicious, please contact us or ask the opinion of a trusted friend or adult.


We at Litphonix do not actively moderate the Application or Site. It is up to you to ensure that Litphonix remains a safe and comfortable place for everybody who visits. Only where a narration, comment or user is brought to our attention by way of email will we become involved in enforcing the Terms of Use.

Information for Parents and Legal Guardians

Unless an admin has deliberately blocked a specific individual, it is possible for any community member to communicate with any other community member on the Application or Site. This may be via comments on the community member's profile page or if the community member has shared alternative contact information.

Litphonix does not monitor communication between users, and we strongly advise all community members not to publish private information such as full contact details. Accidental publication of personal or contact details can easily be removed by the community member or by requesting its removal on the Contact Us form.

Community members and their parents and legal guardians must understand that any person, no matter how well or ill-motivated, is free to participate on Litphonix unless and until they are brought to our attention.

Litphonix does not require users to disclose their identities, and hence cannot remove or block an individual according to anything that pertains to their 'real world' identity, including criminal records. A minor, or anyone else, should never assume that if somebody has an account on Litphonix, then they're safe to meet in person. Common sense must be applied where it most pertains, and in particular it must be remembered that anyone can pass themselves off as anyone on the Internet.

The most useful piece of advice a parent or guardian can give is to never divulge any personally identifiable information (name, age, location, school) on Litphonix - or anywhere else publicly available on the Internet for that matter. If you suspect a minor has posted their personal information on Litphonix please contact us immediately.