Performance Royalty Payments to Narrators

Listeners buy Litcoins to listen to premium content. Each Litcoin buys 10,000 words of listening. Premium content means all chapters except chapter ones. A typical narrator delivers about 9,000 words of audiobook per hour.

As a narrator you earn performance royalties each time someone listens to lines narrated by you. Payment will be made to you each month through PayPal when the balance is above £10.

Classic books are those where the copyright has expired. They include all the works from authors like Charles Dickens and Jane Austen. Your performance royalty rate is 30% of revenue for classic audiobooks.

Litphonix make your narrations available to listeners in over 100 countries around the world. So there is an excellent opportunity for your work to reach a wide audience. You can increase your royalty payments by narrating more chapters, and of course, producing excellent audiobooks to win a larger audience share. See the Tips page for advice.

For customers in some countries Litphonix have to add a sales tax, sometimes called value added tax, when listeners buy Litcoins. The revenue for calculating performance royalties is the Litcoin price excluding sales and value added tax which has to be paid to the taxing authority.

At Litphonix we are planning to bring copyrighted texts from contemporary authors to our narrators and audience. Your performance royalty rate is 20% of revenue for contemporary audiobooks.

In future we may support Bitcoin payments as an alternative to PayPal. Bitcoin payments are simpler, direct and incur tiny transaction fees.