Narrating Guidelines

Who can narrate a Litphonix audiobook?

You can.

You need not be a voice actor with previous experience. With practice, anyone can record an audiobook. However, you do need an interest and passion for reading. If you don't put effort into your recordings, or find that reading is a chore more than a pleasure, then Litphonix might not be right for you.

Audiobook Quality

We understand that our narrators are not all professionals with years of experience. Everyone improves with practice. When you voice audiobooks, please put time and energy into it. Recordings that have heart will sell better, and ultimately you will make more money.

Litphonix recordings are proof-listened by you. It is up to you to notice mistakes, long pauses, stumbles, and poor sound. You can record as many times as you like until you get it right. You will also be able to re-record as little as one sentence of any existing recording. The free application software makes it very easy to re-record as little as a single line.

Litphonix does not judge you upon your reading style. How you read is up to you. More listeners will choose your narrations if they like them more.

It will be possible for listeners to comment on your recording, this is to provide helpful criticism or to write compliments on your work. If any comments break the conditions of our Terms of Use or are hurtful or make you feel uncomfortable you should report it to us.

Our eTexts are carefully checked and have few mistakes. But they are not error free. Always voice the eText provided. Do not change the words unless there is an obvious mistake. If you notice an eText mistake then use the Report menu item on the Listen activity to tell us so we can correct it.

Audiobook Performance Royalties

As a narrator you can listen to your own recording as many times as you want for free. Performance royalty fees are paid into your account every time your recording is listened to by someone else.

For more about narrating see Narrating Tips.