Free Smartphone App for Narrating Audiobooks

Litphonix is about Dickens and you, Conan Doyle and you, Austen, the Brontës, Hardy, Kafka and you. It's about your life-long entanglement with literature; it is whatever you make it.

When you read a book aloud you know, when you're alone in the house or under a tree somewhere and the mood strikes the words are enriched by each nuance in tone, each inflection, and you seem to move through that world in a different way. Everything has a sharp focus that it didn't before; you cannot skip or skim, you experience the story in its entirety.

We want to pass that moment on.

At Litphonix, we believe great literature is best expressed through the voices of its people, the readers. We know you understand the much misunderstood Heathcliffe, you know Wonderland inside out and upside down, you felt Jonathan Harker's fear like it was your own. And we want you to share that with our listeners.

Amateurs and seasoned professional voice actors alike can narrate books via smartphone or tablet - we provide free software to display books line by line and capture your every word. But, if you make a mistake, fear not! At the touch of a button you can re-record your line and it is seamlessly edited into the audiobook by our app.

Smartphones today have studio quality audio recording circuitry as standard, and some of our best audiobooks have been captured using low-cost Android phones. All you need is your phone and a simple, low-cost headset to get started. There has never been a better time to pursue audiobook narration.

For every listen you receive, you can earn money from sheer self-indulgence! (See the Payment page for more information about narrator performance royalty payments.)

So what are you waiting for? Go forth, intrepid bibliophile, and narrate!

Find a book.