Listening Guidelines

Chapter One of every audiobook on Litphonix is always free. All other chapters will cost you a small premium to listen. As a listener you can stop listening to any audiobook whenever you want and listen to a new one. You can choose to spend your credit listening to any audiobook at any time.

Litphonix audiobooks are recorded by any user with a passion for reading, and not necessarily an experienced voice actor. As a listener you may accept a varying level of quality and be happy to pay for the service, but you can always choose different narrators. There is something here for everyone.

You may leave a report on any line of anyone's recording. Use the Report option from the listening menu. Please make sure these are positive remarks, and if you do have any criticisms make sure it is constructive and not hurtful. You will also be able to rate each audiobook, please make sure these are equally constructive. Please refer to our Terms of Use regarding User Uploaded Content and User Conduct.

If you think you could record a better version of any audiobook, go for it! Everyone can be a narrator and Litphonix welcomes your creativity.