Frequently Asked Questions

What is Litphonix?

Litphonix is the new smartphone platform for creating and selling audiobooks.

Anyone with a smartphone may listen to an audiobook. The first chapters are always completely free. Further chapters cost a small amount per word, about $0.60 per hour.

Anyone with a smartphone may create an audiobook. Every smartphone has top quality recording capability, quality as good as digital audio CD.

A little effort and attention to detail now can secure you income for the future. Narrators receive 30 percent of the revenue from their classic book performances for life. Modern-day book (still in copyright) performance royalties are 20 percent to narrators.

When will it work on iPhone?

Litphonix will be available for iPhone in the second quarter of 2015. If you cannot wait that long then buy a low cost Android phone now. Some models cost less than $49 and are perfectly able to play and record high quality audio books.

Who can record an audiobook?

Anyone can, that's the great thing about Litphonix. You don't need experience or qualifications, you just need a passion for reading. Find some time and a quiet place in your home then start narrating.

What books are available?

Litphonix hosts many classic books from the public domain. No longer protected by copyright then can be used freely. This is good news for narrators as it means you can earn higher performance royalties.

In 2015 copyrighted books from modern-day authors are coming to Litphonix. You will then be able to enjoy contemporary work. Great news for listeners, authors and narrators.

If you cannot find your favourite classic book please let us know and we will add it to the library.

What happened to my narrated lines?

Once you have chosen and opened a book for narrating the app works with or without internet access. The app uploads your work to Litphonix when there is a network connection available and the app is open. Your recorded lines are cached on the internal storage and will not be deleted until the Litphonix server tells the app that they have uploaded successfully.

If you want to be sure that your lines are completely uploaded then start the narrating activity and slide open the pane to reveal the Upload: n.nnMB message. Wait until the number counts down to 0.00MB. Now all your work is safely backed up onto the Litphonix server.

If your network connection is unreliable then it is possible that the app miscalculates how many lines you have completed. Once a good network is restored the app will straighten itself out. You will never lose any work because the upload process is resilient to broken network connections.

If your question has not been answered then please Contact Us.